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The documentary that reveals the history of the LGBT Pride movement in Ukraine. This film tells the story of KyivPride, the first attempt of the Ukrainian LGBT community to rise up and make their voice be heard by the government. The documentary also includes interviews with activists and allies from Ukraine, Canada and Germany, as well as footage from KyivPride events in 2012, the successful march in 2013, and to the cancellation of the 2014 march.


During Toronto’s Pride Week, four representatives of Ukraine’s KyivPride visited World Pride and the World Pride Human Rights Conference in Toronto to share the strength of their commitment for securing fundamental human rights of LGBT people. The story of KyivPride inspired Canadian documentary filmmaker, photographer, and trans* activist, Michelle Emson to create the original film “The Pride of Ukraine - Inspire a World of Change”. “The goal of the documentary is to give hope,” - says the film’s director, Michelle Emson. “Hope to motivate people all over the world to see the possibilities and to “Inspire a World of Change” so that LGBT people are safe from persecution and free to simply exist for who they are and love who they chose, wherever they might live in the world”.


In spite of the troubles in Ukraine, the subject of LGBT rights must be maintained. It is not unusual for such rights to be compromised following changes of government and leadership. The new documentary is going to raise awareness about the LGBT rights question in Ukraine in Canada, the US and in Europe.


“Pride of Ukraine - Inspire a World of Change” is a project of KyivPride Canada, the new organization led by both Canadian and Ukrainian human rights advocates. The crew consists of Ukrainian, German and Canadian filmmakers that worked together to create a clear story of KyivPride.


“We are very excited about the documentary since it is going to be the first ever high quality, full story about our fight for LGBT Pride in Ukraine” – says Olena Semenova, the Ukrainian activist, “this story remains untold at this point and represents an important asset in our movement’s history.”



Michelle Emson
(Director and Executive Producer)

Olena Semenova addresses the audience at the Munich premiere of "Pride of Ukraine".

Olena Semenova (Producer) addresses the audience at the Munich premiere of "Pride of Ukraine".

PRIDE of UKRAINE is a Sanctuary Studios Inc and KyivPride Canada Production.

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